Laurel Creek Track & Field Club About us Laurel Creek Track & Field Club About us Laurel Creek Track & Field Club About us[/t/rx_button]

Welcome to the Laurel Creek Track & Field Club. Our club has been a prominent force in the Waterloo Region for over 25 years. We have four event-specific head coaches and numerous assistant coaches who work with over 100 athletes. We cater to athletes from age 10 through 18, as well as university and Masters athletes. The club has experienced tremendous success at the international level in the past with LC athletes representing Canada at the World Juniors, World Youth, Pan American Games, Commonwealth Games and Paralympics. The success of our athletes is a testament to their commitment and to the LC coaches who have developed them.

On the provincial scene, Laurel Creek boasts an Athletics Ontario “Power Five” ranking, with athletes regularly medaling in a wide range of events and at all age levels. Nationally, we regularly send athletes to the various Canadian championships held each year and perform well. We are a club with Nationally Certified volunteer coaches, motivated by their passion for the sport, and we stack up well against clubs with paid staff members, a testimony to our club’s commitment to developing athletes.

Whether you’re seeking to challenge yourself as an athlete on the national stage or looking to improve your performance at the local school level, we’re eager to help you achieve your goals and discover your true potential.